Beautiful boy

since i met you i’m so in love
the first time to see you was already enough
to know i could give all my love to you
i couldn’t believe it would be true
in love with you

it was not easy to fall in love
you didn’t believe in this kind of stuff
but now you’re convinced that it’s not bad
it’s only love i’m what i said
in love with you

beautiful boy, beautiful boy
beautiful boy i’m in love with you

now i’m with you long long nights
and it makes me really feel so alright
that you love to give your love to me
it’s so heavenly to be
in love with you

i see you flying in the sky
remember the times when we were high
the same old times that will ever be
unbelievably you and me
in love with you

i’m in love with you
i’m in love with you

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