Mary Jane

mary jane, mary jane, when i’m seeing you again
mary jane, mary jane, i get terribly insane
mary jane, mary jane, then i really can’t refrain
i’ve always been your lover and i’ll love you mary jane

on may the 27th then i got you to see
sitting in bus 6 for lowlands weed company
i really didn’t know what the right bus stop should be
but when i left the bus then you were amazing me

i saw you on a houseboat standing free in the sun
and i was shy but still asked you for making some fun
the 10 guilders i got i gave for taking you home
and since that day in may i have never been alone

by 6 and 2 and 26 we came at my flat
and soon we fell in love and we did really like that
a classic love at first sight from the books that i read
incredible what happened since the day that we met

now every day i love to give you things that you love
immodesty’s no problem ‘cos i have got enough
the things you give to me they make me so high above
sometimes i really think that i am married with stuff

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