Psychologist’s blues

we got a discussion with j.f.p.
on our last practice in psychology
is a psychologist a doctor or a friend
well you understand the discussion got no end
so we talked about the idealism of laing
all the clients in his house were all his friends
in the end jan said it made him so down
he’s living now on an island alone
he flipped man

we were talking ’bout that ’cos of the case of ted
whose problem was a friend which he couldn’t get
how to solve the big problem of the boy
’cos only friendship could give him some joy
i’m sorry jan said but i can’t give him that
it would change my life so i would soon be dead
maybe it’s a lack in my empathy
but i still do believe in reality
fuck you jan

i don’t believe in psychology anymore
’cos the whole mess is so fucked and forced
but i believe that love exists
that will make the greatest psychologists

we got a training in sensitivity
where honesty was the big reality
we told each other what we hated and loved
in each other but that was not enough
we had to accept each other too
now the problem may be clear to you
sometimes i’d really like to start a fight
spontaneous expression has the primary right
see the new problem

told eugene how i loved him there
while he told me how my eyes made him scared
we got good talks with hash and music
but it confronts me with how i lose it
and eugene see the things that i win
love’s way from my heart to my skin
wasn’t jesus a big psychologist
be like him and see what you missed
still love you boy

got a practice in behaviour therapy
how to change sexuality
i asked jan always a good friend of mine
should an ethical discussion not be fine
never forget his way of looking at me
that’s no boy of reality
but he loves me and i love him
i think that there it all begins
love you jan

so listen to me friends when i say the next
it’s good to train people to relax
but that’s not the end it’s only the begin
a science without faith is only a whim
sometimes jan says me rather sad
the answer of the problems well i don’t know that
so please let’s forget rogers quite
’cos love can be the only psychologist’s guide
come on men

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