Sugar Boy’s and Candy Girl’s farm

sugar boy a lovely boy of seventeen
he met a lovely candy girl
candy girl a lovely girl of sixteen
and they travelled all around the world
sugar boy he said one day to candy girl
this is a lovely place to buy a farm
they bought them chickens and a cow and a potato field
and in the night the fireplace kept them warm

every season when the stars are bright
they give a party for all their friends
there’s music, love and drinks and joints for all the night
it’s a party that never seems to end
the friends of sugar boy and the friends of candy girl
they love their way of living at the farm
so they invited all their other friends
to join the party every new time

join the party, join the party
an invitation for all of you
at the farm yeh, at the farm yeh
all your dreams are already true
join the party, join the party
in the night and in yourself you will feel warm
at the farm yeh, at the farm yeh
in the sugar boy’s and candy girl’s farm

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