Love you all day

dear friend i ask you honestly
it’s so strange but when you are near
i feel upset and i feel so queer
what’s the matter with me

when i’m with you i’m not at ease
i am trembling and i can’t eat
feel so feverish warm indeed
i can’t stop this disease

you’re so nice and so pretty
you’re so charming and gay
you’re so warm and attractive
i can’t find the words i am so mixed up
‘cause i love you all day

we can go for a walk my friend
we can look for a restaurant
we can drink some red wine and then
maybe that we can dance

and in case we can’t say goodbye
i invite you though i am shy
then to spend with me all the night
yes you make me so high

i can’t promise you luck and bliss
no perspectives that i can give
all i want is with you to live
that is all i can give

‘cause in love i fall yes i love you so
for me you are all yes i love you all day

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