Easy days

i wake up by the ringing of the phone
it’s late but i pretend i’m not at home
i’m yawning and i want to fall asleep
so many people don’t leave me in peace

i drink some coffee listening to tapes
there is some music that i’d love to play
then i enjoy another cigarette
for all i need is just a little rest

people all around me can’t you leave me on my own
i’m fed up with your chattering so please leave me alone
i’m not at home

there are so many books i love to read
some tv-programs i would like to see
so many simple things i love to do
today i just relax in spite of you

the sun shines and there’s nothing to be done
my mind is tired of listening so long
your problems keep on being just the same
i’m longing for some long and easy days

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