That’s the way I loved to be an acid head

once there was a sunny summer day
the sun shone bright and i changed my way
i read too much of what it all could be
so i loved to take some lsd

i loved that evening with my friends to stay
and i’d been working very hard that day
the happiest setting for it all to see
the magic world of lsd

the world can see the things that i have done
i got a way of feeling always on my own
i found a way of life that isn’t bad
that’s the way i loved to be an acid head

they gave me presents for my first birthday
i got a very little price to pay
i found this sort of trips is very cheap
for what i’ve seen with lsd

since there was that sunny summer day
my life has changed in a better way
i found that everything is to see
with some aid of lsd

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